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The Sapphire Rocking the Gem World

Carmel Sapphire or Carmeltazite is a new discovery made in 2019 by Shefa Yamim mining corporation. This Israeli company was mining for sapphires when they came across something rare! Laced with otherworldly minerals only found on an asteroid from 1969, this new stone is making waves in the science and jewelry world. Harder than diamonds and more rare, this stone is being used in beautiful creations by designers around the world.

From Shefa Yamim CEO Avi Taub, “We are delighted that our Carmel Sapphire has been recognized as a host to many rare minerals”. “In today’s world where the prices of gems are determined predominantly by their rarity, the Carmel Sapphire is a unique discovery because it has not been found anywhere else in the world except in the soil of the Holy Land".


See designs here: Yossi Harari