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Micro Faceted Gemstone Natural Blue Iolite 6mm 7mm Round Beads Large Genuine Real Iolite Faceted Round Gemstone Beads 16" Strand

Sale price $13.99 Regular price $27.98

Bead size: about 6-7mm
Strand length: approximately 16"

Guaranteed genuine 100% natural iolite not treated in any way... These are simply the best micro cut iolite beads you'll find on the market... Each and every bead is nicely faceted and drilled... They are also perfectly drilled and you will be able to use each and every bead! Thanks to the advanced laser technology, these beads are nicely laser faceted to achieve the dazzling diamond look! Pictures don't do justice to these amazing sparkling gems!

If you fall in love with these beads and need more than listed, please contact us. We usually carry additional inventory for all our listings.


Micro faceted beads are commonly known as gemstones. These natural gemstones feature cut edges on all sides, which adds sparkle to each bead when it meets the light. We carry a wide selection of micro faceted beads in various colors and sizes. 

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Spectacular sparkling navy blue-toned beads, truly...

Spectacular sparkling navy blue-toned beads, truly remarkable. They will be great in a dressy necklace or earrings. They arrived quickly and the staff has been extremely helpful, as usually. A great store!

Review for Micro Faceted Gemstone Natural Blue Iolite 6mm...

Beautiful stones, fast shipping