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Ruby Fuchsite/Zoisite

Natural Ruby Fuchsite is a lovely bold combination of natural red Ruby embedded in pale to forest green Fuchsite. This mixture is considered a powerful combination of the two stones' properties, creating a great energy to heal the heart in rough emotional times and remove blocks preventing loving energies. It is also said to be a very balancing stone that brings self awareness and noble love.

Containing the fiery colors of Ruby mixed into the earthy Zoisite is Ruby Zoisite, also called Anyolite. This combination of greens and reds is unmistakable and quite striking. Intrinsic Trading Ruby Zoisite is believed to transmute negative energy into positive energy, enhance happiness, and energize the wearer. These effects are said to be the most effective towards those who land under the Zodiac signs Aquarius and Aries. Read more!