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Golden Natural Citrine Hexagon Geometric Cut Large Nugget Freeform Beads 18mm 93-P1010

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Bead size: about 16mm and 18-20mm; please choose size from the drop down list when purchasing.
Strand length: approximately 16"

These superior A+ grade natural citrine beads have extra gemmy texture and are in the most intense golden yellow color!... So gemmy and sparkling!... In the bead world of citrine, these are definitely the nicest citrine beads you'll ever find... Known as the Merchant's stone, Citrine's many shades of yellow range from a calm almost clear to the most golden of colors. This joyful stone is said in the metaphysical world to be extremely lucky for Merchants, enhancing self esteem and prosperity. We happen to keep much of it in our store year round!