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Aquamarine Laser Diamond Cut Blue Round Faceted Beads

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Bead size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm; please choose size from the drop down list when purchasing.
Strand length: approximately 16"

Guaranteed 100% natural Brazilian aquamarine not treated in any way... Excellent quality! These beads are very uniformed in size, shape and color... In today's world where so many dyed and synthetic stones are flooded, we do hope these natural sea blue beauties are pleasing to your eyes and soothing to your touch...

In the olden days, amazonite was said to align the physical and astral bodies, heal the sick, and bring hope. In modern times, we believe it looks quite snazzy on a necklace.

If you fall in love with these beads and need more than listed, please contact us. We usually carry additional inventory for all our listings.