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Blue Larimar Hexagon Octagon Nugget Beads 12-14mm 94-b1710-12

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Bead size: about 12 and 14mm; please choose size from the drop down listing when purchasing.
Strand length: approximately 16"
Price is per strand.

Guaranteed genuine 100% natural larimar not treated in any way... Lots of beautiful blue colors in this exotic gem and just the right amount of characteristic matrix!

Larimar is only found one place in the world, the Dominican Republic. Embodying the tranquil seas and skies, Larimar captivates with its calming blues mixed sometimes with volcanic rock in which it forms near. This beautiful stone is known in the metaphysical world as a stone of relaxation and freedom. It's easy to get lost in its soft colors. Larimar is said to be particularly powerful for Scorpios.