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Natural Chrome Diopside 7mm 8mm Beads Smooth Rondelle Real Genuine Green Chrome Diopside Gemstone 101-b2893

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Bead size: about 7.5mm
Strand length: approximately 16"

Guaranteed 100% natural chrome diopside not treated in any way... A grade gives you the extra gemmy green colors and transparency... These beads are very nicely drilled and you will be able to use each and every bead on this 16" strand... Chrome diopside is a chromium-laden form of diopside that comes in beautiful shades of dark and light greens that mimic that of Emeralds. This vibrant stone is believed to be a creative aid as well as promoting commitment and the inner heart. We can understand that as this stone's gorgeous greens are hard not to love!

If you fall in love with these beads and need more than listed, please contact us. We usually carry additional inventory for all our listings.