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The Beryls - Aquamarine, Emerald & Morganite

Aquamarine (from Latin: aqua marina, "sea water") is a cyan or blue beryl highly desired by jewelers around the world. Did you know The largest aquamarine of ever mined was found in Marambaia, Brazil? The gemstone quality stone was found in 1910 and weighed over 243 lbs!

In the language of gemstones, Aquamarine speaks to joy, expectation and everlasting youth. It is believed to keep seafarers safe from foes on the untamed waters. Today Intrinsic Trading Beads Aquamarine is still used to convey security to those adrift and is a well known blessing among sea voyagers. Ashore, it is accepted to affect couples, helping them to work through their disparities and guarantee a long and cheerful marriage. That control makes it an astounding stone to give on commemorations. Intrinsic Trading Beads Aquamarine helps you speak your feelings with an open heart without hesitation or fear.

Emerald (derived from Old French: esmeraude and Latin: esmaralda)
Did you know the world's largest mined weighs close to 2 ½ lbs and is valued at approximately 2.5million dollars. This massive emerald gemstone was discovered in Zambia however emeralds can be found all over the world.

Emerald is a rare and valuable gemstone sought after for thousands of years for its deep green color and hidden depths. Similar to Aquamarine it is a beryl with more chromium and sometimes vanadium deposits to provide the enchanting colors. A key stone of romance, Emerald is known in the metaphysical world to bring joy, hope, and help one communicate with truth. It is often known as the stone of successful and divine love.

Morganite (named after J.P. Morgan in 1910) also known as pink beryl is a rare light pink to rose-colored gem-quality variety of beryl. The first discovery of gemstone quality Morganite was found on an island off the coast of Madagascar in 1910 in Pala, California.

Morganite is a stone of renewal and love, dispelling bad luck in matters of the heart and attracting new beginnings in the dating world as well as adding a guiding hand in renewing spark in a current relationship. Morganite is frequently made into pendants and beads and is a wonderful pale color to add to delicate and elegant jewelry pieces.

Super Rare Red Beryl
Red Beryl (previously known as bixbite) is an extremely rare variety that gets its deep red color from small amounts of manganese. In the entire world, gemstone quality Red Beryl has been found in only one location, the Wah Wah Mountains of Beaver County, Utah. The Utah Geological Survey estimates that one crystal of red beryl is found for every 150,000 diamonds mined.One carat of red beryl can cost as much as $10,000 for a supreme specimen.

Known to be a stone of physical vitality and action it has been nicknamed the “Right Time” Crystal. It brings the holder wisdom and self-confidence in knowing when “the right time” is to change your mind or direction in life. Red Beryl provides courage and a sense of purpose.