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Shipping & FAQ's

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I am getting errors while visiting intrinsictrading.com. What should I do?
We'd like to know if you are experiencing errors while on our site. Contact our web department at sales@intrinsictrading.com.

I have accessibility concerns or need assistance in navigating the website. What should I do?
Please call us 512-828-0540 (10-5:30 Mon-Fri).

How soon do you ship?
We ship all orders in 1 business day (Mon-Sat). 

Does my order come with a tracking number?
Yes, all our orders come with tracking numbers and you can track your order online. You'll receive an email with your tracking number after your order is shipped. 

Can I upgrade shipping?
Shipping upgrades available at checkout.

What if I want to return an item?
We back our products 100%. Please see our Return Policy for more information.

Are you responsible for lost/stolen/delayed packages?
We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages after they have shipped. We are not responsible for post office delays in shipping due to holidays, incorrect addresses, and other delays. Please contact the post office directly for any lost/delayed packages.

How much does shipping cost?

USPS First Class (2-8 business days) FREE on orders over $35
USPS First Class (2-8 business days) $6.99 for orders under $35
USPS Priority (2-4 business days) - $8.99
Express Mail (1-2 business days) - $29.99

USPS First Class International (10-21 business days)  Starting $19.99
USPS Priority International (5-14 business days) - Starting $45.99
USPS Express International (5-10 business days) - Starting $59.99

USPS First Class International (10-21 business days) - Starting $25.99
USPS Priority International (5-14 business days) - Starting $59.99
USPS Express International (5-10 business days) - Starting $89.99


What's the drill size and conditions for your beads?

  • Most of our beads have the standard 1mm drill hole with the exceptions of micro-cut beads smaller than 4mm. Please allow +-.2mm difference. All of our pearl strands come with the standard .75mm drill. Please notice we can't guarantee the drill size for our beads. The size is only for reference only.
  • Simply put, it's impossible to make perfect beads out of natural stones. Please expect imperfections and color/size variations. This is just the nature of the bead industry. Please examine your purchase carefully before you cut/use them as we don't accept returns for cut/altered items.


What's the size of your beads?

Bead sizes are approximate and may have a variation of +/- 0.5mm for round beads.


How many beads are on a 15.5" strand?

The following chart works as a reference for the amount of round beads on a 15.5" strand. Please note the numbers are only approximate. The actual count may vary. 

  • 2mm in diameter- about 195pcs/strand
  • 3mm in diameter- about 130pcs/strand
  • 4mm in diameter- about 96pcs/strand
  • 6mm in diameter- about 68pcs/strand
  • 8mm in diameter- about 48pcs/strand
  • 10mm in diameter- about 38pcs/strand
  • 12mm in diameter- about 33pcs/strand
  • 14mm in diameter-about 28pcs/strand
  • 16mm in diameter-about 25pcs/strand
  • 18mm in diameter-about 22pcs/strand
  • 20mm in diameter-about 20pcs/strand