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Intrinsic Trading Accessibility and Equitable Use Statement

We are committed to providing equitable access and are mindful of accessibility standards and user feedback. We support and accommodate to people with disabilities. We advocate for equitable experiences in light of universal design to make www.intrinsictrading.com more welcoming and accessible for all customers.


Our company has made significant efforts to accommodate all our customers including those with disabilities given our size, resources, and technical knowledge.

We have engaged the services of accessibility specialists, technology professionals, and users with certain disabilities to test our website, assist and advise us in making continuous improvements.


We anticipate that from time to time, within our resources, we will be making modifications to parts of our website. Our goal is to provide a seamless, accessible, and user friendly website. So we always welcome your suggestions!

Procurement and Third Party Applications

As part of our procurement and use of third party applications and certain content, where possible, we attempt to test and remediate any accessibility or equitable use issues that may arise. When needed, we request third-party applications or content providers to ensure they provide accessibility and equitable use as part of universal design functionality.

Our website may use third-party add-ons or “plug-ins” for certain functions. These may or may not work the same for every user and/or every type of disability. We do not have control over the structure of these plugins, and are unable to modify them to the extent that would accommodate every user of our website. We request you to contact us and let us know if you encounter any such issues.

We are Here for You

If you are experiencing difficulties with any content on our website because of a disability, or if you require assistance with any part of our site because of your particular disability, please contact us at 512-828-0540 (10am-5pm Mon-Fri) or email sales@intrinsictrading.com. We will be happy to assist.