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Eco-Conscious, Fair Trade & Sustainability

Crafting turquoise on wheel and multicolored stone, hands showcase sustainable art

We pride ourselves in providing designer-quality stones but at the same time being socially responsible. We are committed to protecting the environment and our craftsmen during every step of our production, all while delivering you the best nature has to offer. 

Sustainable DevelopmentResponsible ManufacturingFair Trade
Sustainable Development
Intrinsic Trading mines Red Creek Jasper in rural China and more gemstones in other countries, but we do not simply take what the land gives us; we make sure to give back, too. We strive to leave the earth as untouched as possible during this process to reduce the impact on local wildlife habitats. While mining, we ensure that local water sources are protected from sediment, debris, and other possible pollutants. We work hard to avoid sediment breaking lose that would block natural streams and rivers, resulting in the harm of marine life. Once mining in an area has concluded, we restore and replant native trees and plants to minimize our impact on the local area. By doing this, we make sure to give back to the environment and leave it how it was originally discovered. 

Responsible Manufacturing
We understand that manufacturing gemstones is an intensive job. We make it our priority that all of our cutting facility’s employees, no matter which position they hold, are treated fairly, paid a fair wage, given a safe working environment, and provided with comprehensive healthcare along with other benefits.

Fair Trade
Thanks to our incredibly skilled craftsmen, we are making a difference in the gemstone industry. Their years of practice and expertise truly shine through in each and every product we produce. Gemstones do not just come out of the ground being beautiful. Our craftsmen work meticulously to bring out the beauty of each stone. Due to their dedication, it is our mission to make sure that we pay them far above market price for their work, and respect the diverse local cultures in which they reside.
We are Grateful
At Intrinsic Trading, we are very grateful for our craftsmen, nature, and customers. Without the hard work of our craftsmen, single-handedly cutting and preparing these gemstones, we would not have the opportunity to provide our customers with these products daily. We are thankful that nature provides us with the materials needed to create these works of art. We truly appreciate our customers for asking questions about where our products come from, how they are produced, and if they are all ethically sourced. This shows that not only do we care about the well-being of our employees and environment, but also do the people that shop with us. So we would like to say thank you!
Tranquil river with waterfall and lush trees; expansive mountain view over a terraced mine
                       The back of our first Texas office                                                                                 Enchanted mountains in central China