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Eco-Conscious, Fair Trade & Sustainability

Our Promise
We pride ourselves on providing designer quality stones and at the same time being socially responsible. We are committed to protecting the environment during every step of our production while delivering you the best nature has to offer. 

We also participate in mining Red Creek Jasper. We protect nearby water sources from sediment and debris as well as pollutants. We strive to leave the earth as untouched as possible to reduce the impact on local wildlife habitats. After the mining process is complete, we restore and replant with native trees.

We hire some of the most skillful cutters to work on our one-of-a-kind pendants and earring pairs. Each piece we offer is a work of art! Taking into account, size, density, shape and color each cutter uses cultivated skills to get the best out of each stone. Years of practice and experience shows off in our outstanding quality. It is our mission to pay our craftsmen far above market price while treating diverse local cultures with respect.

We know that maintaining a healthy work/life balance is important that is why we supply free lunch daily, comprehensive health coverage and safe working conditions at our cutting facility.