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Eco-Conscious, Fair Trade & Sustainability

We pride ourselves on providing designer quality stones and at the same time being socially responsible. We are committed to protecting the environment during every step of our production while delivering you the best nature has to offer. 

Sustainable Development
Intrinsic Trading mines for Red Creek Jasper in rural China, but we don’t simply take what the land gives us; we make sure to give back, too. We strive to leave the earth untouched during this process so as to reduce the impact on local wildlife habitats. While mining, we ensure that local water sources are protected from sediment, debris and other possible pollutants. Once mining in an area has concluded, we restore and replant native trees to minimize our impact on the local area.

Responsible Manufacturing
We understand that manufacturing is an intensive job. We make it a priority that all of our cutting facility’s employees, no matter which position they hold, are treated fairly, given a safe working environment, and provided with comprehensive healthcare along with other benefits.

Fair Trade
There’s no doubt that each piece of jewelry we offer is a true work of art, and that is thanks to our incredibly skilled craftsmen. Their years of practice and experience truly shine through in each and every product we produce. Because of their dedication, it is our mission to make sure that we pay our craftsmen far above market price for their work, and respect the diverse local cultures in which they reside.