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Lightning Azurite

Lightning Azurite is a unique and rare azurite mined only at a private mine in Arizona in the late 90s and early 2000s. There has not been any active mining since, making it a highly sought-after material in the gem industry. This stone gets its name from the striking blue azurite veins amazingly resembling lightning strikes during a thunderstorm. This ancient stone was first discovered and used by Native Americans. They believed it was sacred and often led people to their spirit guides. They would also crush the stone and make beautiful deep blue paint. Intrinsic Trading is the first manufacturer to cut Lightning Azurite on a larger scale making it available to the public.

Lightning Azurite aids in opening your inner self, facing truths, and enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. This is a very powerful stone and can be used during meditation for strength and clarity.

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