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Royal Sahara Jasper

Royal Sahara Jasper was first discovered in the Eastern Sahara Desert in Egypt in 2006. This is one of the rarest jaspers on earth, making it highly sought after. Its unique nodule-like shapes and intricate color bands set it apart from any other jasper on the market. It is characterized by scenic patterns and a wide range of colors like yellow, caramel, cream, brown, green, and gold. In Egypt, this jasper is considered a "holy stone" and is held in high regard. There is now no active mining for this stone. Intrinsic Trading is the first and only manufacturer to make a range of products from Royal Sahara Jasper including beads, pendants, drilled earring pairs, cabochons, etc. 

Royal Sahara Jasper is known for creating gentleness, harmony, and relaxation in the mind and body. It is a stone of protection of energies and brings negativity to the surface. It can also connect you with your inner spirituality and enhance your psychic abilities. 

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