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The Original Red Creek Jasper

The History of Red Creek Jasper

Back in 2007 on a sourcing trip to China, we discovered a bright and vibrant jasper in a remote mountain range. We named it after the creek running through the area, Red Creek Jasper. Red Creek Jasper is now known for it's striking red, yellow and green colors with amazing scenic patterns. It is named the MOST VIBRANT jasper on earth.

We debuted the stone at the 2008 Tucson gem show promoted by the Gem & Lapidary Wholesaler company. The stone was an instant hit and soon became the trademark of our company.

Being the first manufacturer to cut this stone, we gained the knowledge and experience to achieve the best mirror polish on the market and the most outstanding designs that bring out the characteristics of each stone.

Red Creek Jasper Properties

Red Creek Jasper breathes the very essence of nature into any collection or project. This stone mimics the colors of golden sunshine, poppy fields, rainforests, the undulating ocean, the red rocks of the Grand Canyon, to sweeping mountains and night skies. The very earth is brought together into this beautiful stone and each color of Red Creek Jasper comes with its own meaning and use. Whichever color catches your eye, this stone is sure to nurture your collection or project into completion.

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