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Founded in the early 2000s, Intrinsic Trading is a world leader in the production and manufacturing of natural gemstone beads, pendants, matched earring pairs and cabochons. We work with local miners to meticulously hand pick each piece of rock before we send them to our own cutting facility. Each rock is then hand cut and polished by our most skillful artists, ensuring that the products we offer are second-to-none.


What Sets Us Apart

Unlike other bead distributors, Intrinsic Trading doesn’t simply resell pre-made products. With our own production facilities, we make use of state-of-the-art laser cutting techniques to produce the most precise cut. All of our earrings, pendants and cabochons are then hand-made in-house to ensure that we produce the highest quality product possible. This combination of both modern technology and traditional hand crafting produces a work of art that is truly outstanding.

Our products are also uniquely known for their mirror-quality polish, something that is only achieved after three to six rounds of hand polishing; a truly stunning result that can’t be matched by the much more common method of machine polishing!

We also collaborate with other large bead facilities who meet our rigid high-quality standards to provide the largest selection possible for our customers.


Bringing the Best Nature Has to Offer

Additionally, we also work with other miners to get the first and best pick of many materials that were previously only available in extremely limited quantities. Thanks to our modern facilities, these stones have now become more accessible, as we were the first to produce them at a larger scale.

Some examples of these rare materials are Sonora Dendritic Rhyolite, Royal Sahara Jasper from Egypt, Morado Purple Opal, Siberian Moonstone and many others.

The product that truly sets us apart is our unique Red Creek Jasper – a previously-unknown type of jasper found in a remote mountain valley in rural China – first discovered and brought to market by our company, has now become popular around the world, further proving that Intrinsic Trading is a company dedicated to bringing the best nature has to offer!